Collapse Overview



2008 – An heavy and powerful feeling. A sudden and unexpected crash. Everything is tense, on the edge. Vision of a cracked mo- numental building, bending, sinking. Crisis. Time is hanging, heading over a cliff. Nothing is stable anymore. Crisis. This is modern mechanics : breaks, changes and disappearings. An old corroded engine, with its old pignons, its anchylosed gears, its broken nuts, still trying to spit fire. Crisis. One by one, emblems collapse. Recollection of 2001. Crisis. Fall of Modern Myths. Crisis. Apocalyptic fantasy, funeral dance. Crisis. End of modern Utopias. Crisis. Disenchanted dreams, ruined hopes. Crisis. Tension. Crisis. Imbalance. Crisis. Crumbling. Crisis. Anxiety. Crisis. Collapse. Crisis. Splitting. Crisis. Photography of an era. End of a reign.

Collapse is a limited serie of luminous objetcs. They are made on order only, and there are only 10 of each model available. Many finishes and matters are available.
Prices on request.

Photos by Jacques Péré.